Are Google Reviews on Your Business Helpful?

Google reviews are one of the things businesses are always unsure about. Some think that allowing reviews will also increase the chances for bad reviews to surface. While we understand the reservations about these, we want you to know that reviews are critical to increasing your rankings both in SEO and Google Maps.

How Do Google Reviews Help Your Business?

There are many ways Google Reviews can help you. Even if they can be risky, we recommend that you give it a try so that you can get to reap these benefits below.

1. Increase website traffic.

As an e-commerce company or a local business with a website, you want people to visit your site. SEO can definitely help you increase website traffic, but remember that SEO through an SEO agency in Houston is a long process. You won’t have your ideal website traffic right after a few days.

This is why people flock to Google Maps in the hopes of increasing their rankings there. When a business has a lot of good reviews, Google will increase your rankings eventually leading you to the top spot. It’s not going to be that instant, though. Nonetheless, having reviews will make people want to visit your site especially if those reviews are compelling and excellent.

2. It provides Google with more information.

There’s no doubt that Google loves information. In order for it to do its job ranking sites and listings, you have to provide them with the right information about your business. Filling out your business’ main information is not going to cut it as everyone else will be doing that.

What will set you apart is the number of high-quality reviews that are organically made by your customers. The more reviews you have, the more Google understands the credibility, legitimacy, and the quality of your business. Needless to say, you need to have a lot of good reviews if you want Google to rank you higher.

3. Know more about your own customer service.

This is a little bit off SEO and digital marketing, but we believe that you should know this. Aside from increasing your Google rankings, reviews will help you understand more about your customer’s needs and expectations. That way, you are able to improve on your service so that you can get better reviews.

We know that dealing with bad reviews can be difficult, too. However, these reviews, once you know how to manage them, will also be helpful to your rankings in the long run. You’re not only learning your areas for improvement; you’re also showing Google that your business is committed to give high-quality products and services. That’s just like hitting two birds with one stone!

4. Convince customers through social proof.

Social proof is one of the most powerful marketing strategies that was ever invented. Even you can attest that when you see a five-star review on a restaurant, you are most likely to try it out or recommend it to other people. When you see former customers giving good reviews, you’re most likely to follow suit.

As a business owner, these reviews will be helpful in increasing your sales. What’s even better is that these are organic and free. You don’t have to spend a single cent to boost your conversion rate and sales.

5. Level the playing field with big companies.

Have you ever competed with a big company in marketing efforts? There’s a high chance that you would fail when you compete against them simply because they have more budget than you. While this is a harsh way to put it, it’s how it is.

Fortunately, Google Reviews somehow level this playing field. This time, your ranking in Google Maps doesn’t depend on who’s got more marketing budget, rather, it depends on who has better reviews. Even a big company with a not-so-good review will fall short of the top three listings. In fact, Google won’t even care if you are a big company because they will heavily rely on the information you provide and the reviews that your business gets.

6. Increase sales fast.

Every business wants sales. At the end of the day, this is one of the metrics that will matter. Building from the social proof mentioned a while ago, more Google Reviews will also increase your sales.

It’s a lot like word of mouth. When you go to Google Maps SEO and type ‘restaurants’, you already have an intent to consume food; you already know that you’ll be visiting a restaurant soon. When you see that a certain place has good reviews, you will be convinced that it is a good place to eat in.

As a business owner, this is what you want your Google Reviews to do. You want them to generate sales without you paying for it. Trust us, if you know how to manage your reviews well, you can make a lot of sales just with them.

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